Science Addicts Unite
An immensely complicated set of supplied Illustrator style frames with hundreds, or maybe even thousands of shape layers was a major lesson in asset and layer management. 
Design: Laura Alejo
Very cool little project with super fun illustrations from the amazing talents over at illo. This project in particular taught me the value of carrying momentum/energy from one scene to the other.
Design: illo
Blend 3015
Not going to lie, this was the hardest project of the course for me. There were just so many details that I began to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of it all. I think there's a reason the assignment only asks you to complete the first three scenes!
Design: Lucas Brooking and Gareth O’Brien
Seed & Stem
Working with style frames created by the incredibly talented Sarah Beth Morgan, this Advanced Motion Methods project from School of Motion pushed me to my limits creatively and technically and I'm ultimately very satisfied with the end result. It was also the first project where I started to consider the importance of sound design.
Design: Sarah Beth Morgan
Musem Milano
This particular project from School of Motion's Advanced Motion Methods course was so hard because there were literally just a handful of extremely minimalist elements to work with which meant there was no room to hide behind unnecessary fluff. Also a project that really hit home just how good sound design can amplify and compliment the animation.
Design: Isabella Conticello
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